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Aidan Baker / Thisquietarmy – A Picture of a Picture

[CD, Killer Pimp]

“A Picture of a Picture” is the second release from the collaborative venture of Aidan Baker (Nadja, ARC) and Eric Quach (Thisquietarmy and Destroyalldreamers). This album is a much more subdued affair than their sought-after debut EP “Orange” that was released in an edition of just 200 copies on Quach’s own Thisquietarmy Records label in 2006. The full-length was recorded live in Quach’s studio in Montreal and is released by Massachusetts’ label Killer Pimp which is linked to the respected Brainwashed website. Although it took about a year from recording the album to finalising the mix for release due to their busy touring, recording and release schedules, the two artists finally got together late in 2008 to add the finishing touches to it. Consisting of four lengthy suites of music that can be considered a single recording, the album was recorded live with the intention of adding very little in the way of overdubs and post production before release. The result is slowly evolving album that gently twists and turns, mutating gradually with undulating layers of sound roll over each other and string instruments adding just a little bit of urgency to proceedings. Far from the noisy confrontational density of Baker’s usual output, “A Picture of a Picture” is inspired by the photographs of Christy Romanick and Quach’s own drawings as seen on the album’s artwork. As the album enters its second half, the music becomes more layered, with strings and swathes of synth tones cascade over and into each other. Everything flows smoothly, almost drone-like while a solitary guitar leads the way and offers a focal point whilst all around sounds flood the senses majestically. Only the final track heads further into the darkness but even then it is ethereal and entrancing. The first half then is serene and relaxing, the second half is trance inducing and wonderfully hypnotic.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆



Published by Side-line [July 19th 2009]

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