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Blood Money – Blood Brotherhood

[CD, Killer Pimp]
Three years after the release of Blood Money’s “Axis of Blood” – their debut album on Killer Pimp – the trio of  academic and vocalist Ken Ueno, musician and founder of Jon Whitney and experimental music artist Tom Worster return with their second album, “Blood Brotherhood”. Following the release of their debut album, the band started to work with Dalek’s producer Oktopus at Deadverse Studios, recording songs developed in rehearsal and perfected through live performance.  Although the studio environment widened the scope of possibilities for the band they chose to restrict their recordings to just vocals, Nord Micro Modular, and Roland 808, with a touch of guitar on just one song.  Musically, the band pick up where the “Axis of Blood” album left off, mixing Ueno’s strange vocal groans, screams and screeches with oscillating tones, steady atmospheric rhythms and the sonic debris of experimentation.  Ueno generally doesn’t sing as such but make a series of guttural throaty groans, as if possessed by some unseen evil or descending into tortured madness.  Sometimes screeching or half talking, his vocals are extraordinary – part fascination, and part disturbing.   Pair this with the deep tonal waves of oscillating sound produced by Whitney and Worster and the combination produces a dark and captivating mix.  The music forms a swirling, shifting backdrop, often with a slow paced militaristic beat and waves of atmospheric texture, sometimes adding fragments of glitchy electronics for that broken, isolationist sound.  Ueno’s contributions are strange, garbled and sometimes unsettling but at the same time quite unique and original.  When he does half sing his vocal style resembles that of Peter Murphy or the late Jhonn Balance of Coil with his ritualistic screams and vocal expressions. Perhaps not for everyone but musically very accomplished, the vocal intensity offering something out of the ordinary.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆



Published by Side-line [July 19th 2009]

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