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Various Artists – MMX


In the opening days of 2010 Californian label n5MD released a free MP3 collection of tracks drawn from their forthcoming release schedule.  Released in conjunction with Bandcamp and exclusively available through the n5MD page on the Bandcamp website, MMX – the Roman numeral equivalent of 2010 – is the first in a series of label samplers to be released through the partnership.

Featuring one track from each of their upcoming releases for the year, MMX is a teaser of what to expect from their roster of new and long-standing artists, all of whom continue to develop their sound or introduce themselves to fans of the label.

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V/A – Birmingham Sound Matter


Directed by the esteemed sound artist Francisco López, Birmingham Sound Matter is a compilation of recordings by a collection of artists from the Birmingham, Coventry and Black Country areas of the Midlands in England. Some were born there, some gravitated there from various locations around the UK and further afield.

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Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words – Lost In Reflections


The wonderfully named Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words is the brainchild of Thomas Ekelund, a Swedish graphic designer, musician and visual artist. With a long list of releases to his name dating back to 2000, “Lost in Reflections” is Ekelund’s first release for Killer Pimp. Recorded at the end of 2005 and first quarter of 2006 just after he was diagnosed with a potentially debilitating mental illness, Ekelund chose to look deep into the shadows and describe what he found