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Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words – Lost In Reflections


The wonderfully named Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words is the brainchild of Thomas Ekelund, a Swedish graphic designer, musician and visual artist. With a long list of releases to his name dating back to 2000, “Lost in Reflections” is Ekelund’s first release for Killer Pimp. Recorded at the end of 2005 and first quarter of 2006 just after he was diagnosed with a potentially debilitating mental illness, Ekelund chose to look deep into the shadows and describe what he found through meticulously constructed soundscapes.  A mix of dark ambient and experimental electronic music, Ekelund’s music vividly portrays a dark, lonely existence in what can be a vast, empty world. As the layers build and soar in, out and through the mix, the heavily emotive mix of tones depicts a solitary figure fighting to make sense of the world around him. Starting out like the soundtrack to the coolest of modern westerns, “This Room Seems Empty Without You” sets the scene gently, acting as an introduction to the rest of the tracks on the album. Intensely personal and intimate, each track bears the gentle tones and melodies of a figure deep in thought, perhaps troubled and fighting with their emotions, desperately trying to regain control. Sparse guitar work adds emotion and feeling to layers of hazy droning sound with tiny almost unnoticed sounds adding an air of intimacy and presence. The further it progresses the deeper Ekelund descends into the uneasy darkness until we reach the epic 19 minute finale of “Himmelschriebenden Herzen”, a truly epic track resplendent with layered drones, martial drums, soaring guitar tones and an orchestral backing. “Lost in Reflections” is an intense voyage into the psyche of a man with a story to tell.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆



Published by Side-line [July 19th 2009]

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