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Enemy on Tape – Everything You Wanted

Bandcamp, Necrome Studio, 2022

As a relative newcomer to the world of Enemy on Tape, a few things have become evident as I tentatively step into the shadows. The band members are very mysterious; they are all about the darkness and their music evolves with every release.

Who are they? Who knows? It doesn’t really matter. They let the music do the talking. They maintain an air of anonymity, wearing masks in their artwork and publicity shots, and often using heavily distorted or filtered imagery. It’s all part of the story, the image and theme they have built around themselves. Is it to obscure their identities and make them anonymous? Perhaps. Maybe they want you to listen to the music and create your own narrative.

So, can we define their sound? Well…no, not really. Why? Because, although they have identifiable characteristics running throughout their music, each release usually differs sonically from the last, either subtly or more starkly. It might sound familiar, it might not, it depends on how they feel and the picture they want to paint with track in question. It might sound industrial, it could be heavy rock or might even be industrial heavy rock, like “Everything You Wanted”. This is why their sound is undefinable, just when you think you might have it worked out, they throw you a curveball and make you rethink what you thought you knew about their music.

Starting out like a driving electro-industrial track, “Everything You Wanted” quickly switches mood with an assault of heavy rock guitar and a vocal style to match. That was a bit unexpected, but not as much as the brief but suitably creepy horror movie-esque interlude around three and half minutes in. Enemy on Tape love their psychotic killer themes and this song is no exception. It’s about someone being told to consider the choices they have made to lead them to where they are now, their last day alive. Dark stuff.

Not knowing quite what to expect next from a band is exhilarating. You know that whatever they release will retain recognisable elements but also that it might just be a bit different to their previous releases. Consistent threads tie it all together as their music gradually evolves and mutates over time. That level of creativity and ability is exciting. It keeps you guessing and that has to be a good thing.

Who knows what dark delights the next page in the Enemy on Tape story will bring? I suspect we’ll find out before too long.

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