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Envenomist – The Helix

[CD, Killer Pimp]

Besides recording under his own name, Columbus, Ohio based David Reed also records as Luasa Raelon and Envenomist. This, the latest in a long line of cassette, vinyl and CDR releases under the Envenomist moniker, features sounds sourced solely from synthesizers in the style of Maurizio Bianchi, Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze. Recording since 2000 under a number of different pseudonyms, Reed is currently also part of Starlight Fleecing, Larry Marotta Group, the Avant Collective and the Rocco Di Pietro Ensemble. His concept with The Helix is to illustrate the sound of space from the viewpoint of a sole traveller. Based around a series of fuzzy layered drones and oscillating tones, each track hums, vibrates and undulates with low frequencies. Considerably darker in tone than the influences he notes, Reed’s material is drone-based and controlled with the dark, lonely emptiness of space matched only by a fear of the unknown and a sense of wonderment at the sights the journey brings. Playing on the darker aspects of the theme, Reed’s music shifts and vibrates slowly and deliberately, creating an air of tension brought to life by an uneasy expectancy emphasised by the power of suggestion in our own minds. Slowly unfolding and painting its picture, The Helix is unrushed and deliberate in its pace. Also included on the CD are photos and two additional MP3s; “Apparition” and “Glacial Drift”. “Apparition” depicts a windswept, desolate environment with buzzsaw drones and the air of dark desperation derived from the unforgiving landscape. “Glacial Drift” is similar to “Apparition” but with more emphasis on layered sounds; slow gong-like keys, sweeping drones and steady insistent tones criss-cross and interact like the relentless progress of an ice flow.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆



Published by Side-line [August 12th 2009]

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