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Satori – Contemptus Mundi

[CD, Cold Spring Records, 2008]

Released alongside the CD version of Satori’s “Kanashibari” album, “Contemptus Mundi” consists of two tracks; the 26 minute title track and the 20 minute ‘Nameless Wrath Mix’ of the same track.  “Comtemptus Mundi” – literally meaning ‘contempt for the world’ – additionally features the ranting of Magus H Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan, who imparts his opinion of the weakness of the modern world by reciting an extract from the essay “Pervasive Pantywaistism” from his book “The Satanic Scriptures”.  Essentially a spoken word piece or speech set to music, Satori provide low sweeping tones with occasional medieval style drumming and a low rumble that builds and disperses from time to time.  Although stylistically similar to “Kanashibari”, “Contemptus Mundi” is more subtle in tone although still as dark, ominous and demonic as its counterpart.  The slightly shorter ‘Nameless Wrath Mix’ of “Contemptus Mundi” dispenses with Gilmore’s vitriolic ranting to focus solely on the musical element of the track.  Drawing out the dark textures, steam bursts, metallic industrial grinds, otherworldly ethereal tones and the spacious tortured sound of dark forces at work, this mix delivers more of the same but remains the focal point of the experience.  Deep, intense, absorbing and often unsettling, Satori create the darkest of dark moods and presence with skill and an unrushed competence.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Published on Side-line [April 14th 2009]

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