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Tympanik Audio – Review Three Pack

At the beginning of last year, Tympanik Audio opened their annual release schedule with a clutch of releases in the form of ESA’s remix collection, a new Displacer album and free to download MP3 EP also from Displacer. Despite significant changes in musical retail in recent years Tympanik Audio have successfully managed to maintain their popularity with a regular release schedule (mostly on physical formats) and a strong stable of both new and established artists.

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Access To Arasaka – void()

[CD, Tympanik Audio]

With an avid interest in all things visionary and listing amongst his influences the American writer William Gibson and Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky, 25 year old New Yorker Rob Lioy (aka Access To Arasaka) named his project after an evil corporation in the cyberpunk related card game Netrunner.

Self-releasing an album and several EPs (that are still available) through his own website and an album and EP through net label Illphabetik, Lioy made his debut with a joint release for acclaimed US label Tympanik Audio and the now sadly defunct Greek label Spectraliquid with Oppidan in 2009. The album took its name from a building in an as yet unfinished story, written by Lioy, that won him wide praise from the music press and fans worldwide. For his second album, Lioy again draws on his passion for all things futuristic and bases void() on the concept of system hacking from it’s roots to the distant future with a sonic interpretation of what an electronic system might feel when subjected to such an attack.