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Totakeke – The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes

[2CD, Tympanik Audio]

“The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes” is the follow-up album to 2008’s “Elekatota – The Other Side of the Tracks” – also on Tympanik Audio – from Frank Mokros, the New York based producer who made several releases on the highly regarded German industrial noise label Hands Productions under the name Synth-etik. As Totakeke however, Mokros merges a range of different electronic music genres to create a hybrid that still hints at his noisier industrial roots. The Totakeke sound has conflicting personalities; on one hand it is smooth, warm and fluid yet on the other it is dark, brooding and probably a little disturbed. “Anterograde Amnesia” for example veers from mellow electronica through nightmarish windswept lunar landscapes enhanced with demonic voices before emerging as a pounding industrial anthem. Mokros makes combining dark disturbing ambience with hard industrial rhythms as he switches tone and shifts atmosphere from one to the other quickly but seamlessly. Using a mixture of carefully chosen samples, smooth electronica (“The Future Imagined”), tense dark ambience (“Anterograde Amnesia”), jittery electronics and hard industrial rhythms (“Memoria”), he covers several aspects of dark electronic music often within the space of a single track. The album also comes with a bonus disc of extra tracks and remixes by Pneumatic Detach, Zentriert Ins Antlitz, Autoclav 1.1, Lucidstatic, Access to Arasaka, Flint Glass, Disharmony and Totakeke himself. The extra tracks offer more of the same great and occasionally disturbing music from Mokros. The remixes are of a good standard with special note made of Pneumatic Detach’s harder but equally dark take on “Anterograde Amnesia”, the nostalgic melancholy of Autoclav 1.1’s remix of “Lost and Falling”, a hard militaristic rework of the title track by Lucidstatic, Access to Arasaka’s complete glitch electronica rebuild of “Confusions” and a harrowing rework of “Patient HM” by Flint Glass.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆



Published by Side-line [June 25th 2009].

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