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Tracy Lee Summers – My Favourite Color

[CDEP, More Mars]

Tracy Lee Summers - My Favourite Color

My Favourite Color is French artist Tracy Lee Summers’ first CD release on the Greek label More Mars and follows three earlier MP3 downloads still available from the LEEP netlabel.

Trying to categorise Summers’ work is a particularly difficult task as it is a mix of many styles and techniques fused to form something new and original.  Although largely based around a core of minimal drone work, the combination of instruments highlights the contrast between crisp synthetically generated sounds and the warmth of traditional instruments.  Swinging between dark ambient tension and cheesy retro synth lines with “Uranus Back” before leading straight into the funky prog-rock playfulness of “Mythe”, My Favourite Color is a 30 minute collection of 10 relatively short tracks with numerous subtle but plentiful twists and turns.  Never quite stopping for breath, Summers switches mood from track to track, ending on the gentle church-like melancholic beauty of “Preuve”.  His music is often heavily processed, gently distorted, chopped up or looped to create the desired effect.  This, however, doesn’t mean that this is an abstract journey into sound with abrupt changes and no structure; in fact it is the opposite.  This whole album is about nuances, the subtlety of interaction between the various instruments.  “J’ai Deux Visages” is radiantly futuristic, “Pinky Pink” hints at funky 60s rock and “Promesse” is a slightly odd one-off venture into processed rock guitar territory.  Also included on the album are three in what seems to be a series of related sound experiments; “Onde 010” is an experiment in tonal drones and militaristic drums whereas “Onde 011” and “Onde 012” are denser, harsher and more aggressive drone experiments, the first paired with bursts of guitar feedback and the second focused more on organ generated tonal distortion.  There are even some samples thrown in, cut up and looped here and there.

Right from the start it is clear that My Favourite Color isn’t going to be easy to categorise or label.  Mixing a diverse range of styles, influences and sounds into short, snappy, busy tracks gives the album an original and well conceived sound that is well suited to its shorter length.  Most certainly experimental, My Favourite Color is an intriguing prospect that should appeal to a wide range of range of experimental electronic music lovers and potentially cross genres.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆




Published by Judas Kiss Magazine [October 31st 2009]

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