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Ulterior – Kempers Hands

[CD, Killer Pimp]

Kempers Hands compiles the first two UK only 12” singles (15 and Weapons) from the four piece Ulterior. Added to the tracklist are three bonus MP3 mixes from the Weapons single, a collection of images and the videos for both singles. The London based band consists of brothers Paul (vocals) and Benn (keys), together with Simmons (guitars) and Karl (bass) who have collectively earned a strong reputation with their live shows. Relentless pounding drum machine loops battle for centre stage with scorching guitars while Paul’s vocal delivery commands attention like a preacher to the masses. Their music is unrelenting and unforgiving, at times drawing from sounds as varied as the Sisters of Mercy, Jesus and Mary Chain or Suicide amongst others. Paul’s vocals a delivered with confidence, at times resembling a coherent Mark E Smith from The Fall (“Weapons”), at others Douglas McCarthy from Nitzer Ebb (“Dream Dream (Demo)”) or even Iggy Pop (“15”). The bonus images on the disc are very 80’s rock, resembling a mix of Guns ‘n’ Roses and Jesus and Mary Chain posturing vs cool while the videos are typically low budget; both are recorded live, “15” in artily filmed shaky black and white and “Weapons” more like a micro-documentary of the band with live performance combined with backstage and behind the scenes footage. The three “Weapons” MP3 remixes are tracks that originally appeared on the “Weapons” 12” single on DiscError Recordings; the “A.R.E Weapons Remix” tones down the guitars and lightens the electronics making it poppier in the process, the “Ade Fenton Remix” and “Zlaya Remix” stay true to the original, the former adding a slightly harder industrial edge. Sitting somewhere between rock and industrial, Ulterior concoct a powerful mix of strong songs with an uncompromising attitude that makes them stand out from the crowd. Killer Pimp are rapidly gaining a reputation for releasing the best in new and original music and this album is no exception.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆



Published by Side-line [August 12th 2009]

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